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Florencia López Flamengo 07-07-2020 - 12:38

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The e-commerce modality is an efficient method to start selling products and services. This way, the store can reach many people around the world only by using internet and a smart marketing strategy. The main idea is about building a huge reputation for the products the store sells. 

Clients are always looking for the best deals on the product or service they are looking forward to buy, but that’s not enough. Catching clients is very important, and so it’s the technique that a new e-commerce uses to set a faithful client base. 

A good store receives clients as far as the store provides everything the customer needs, accomplishing optimal quality ranges, and giving a good customer service. A client loves to feel well attended. They need to feel that the store is concern not only about giving him the product. Customers also want to be listened and properly attended. 

Starting a web store is possible for anybody. It is very quick and easy. However, getting clients and having high selling averages can be a bit hard, but not impossible. This is a whole list of some advices and recommendations to successfully open a new e-commerce. Following these steps as a complete strategy can provide good results.

Set a whole selling structure 

First of all, it is mandatory to define which product the store will sell. Both clients and sellers must be absolutely sure about what the store offers. Although there are many ecommerce that sell an extensive variety of products, like Amazon, it is very recommendable to start with a small variety of products, because this allows the store to develop a good quality of the merchandise or the service, and it also helps people to easily remember the store, thanks to the product or service that characterizes it, and its quality. 

Besides, it is important to offer an interesting and catchy sales proposal. Nowadays, the globalization of the internet provides access to all these strategies for many people, so the competition inside the market can be complicated. Being creative and offering a fascinating proposition will ensure more clients. The ecommerce must stand out from the crowd by offering a new different thing that others don’t have. Creativity and imagination are the most significant elements to provide an astonishing product to clients. 

Marketing and advertising strategies 

In the beginning, each ecommerce has to design a good marketing strategy. The way that a new e-commerce starts to approach to potential customers is very significant. The first marketing strategy of a ecommerce is going to be the first impression the ecommerce will give to clients. The visual elements, the messages, the colors, and the whole branding campaign have to be well developed before releasing the e-commerce and the advertising. 

Prospecting and remarketing

A good way to start with a new e-commerce is by generating prospecting campaigns. This type of campaigns generates website’s traffic, which means that people who don’t know about your brand or e-commerce, get to know it and get interested in it. It is essential for the website to start being known by potential customers.

This new traffic should be tracked through Facebook and Google pixels in order to understand their behavior and then offer a product that has had interaction with.

There are important differences between a new e-commerce and an established one. One of these is their needs. Both types of e-commerce need to set a significant presence in social media, but the tools used change according to the objectives.

In the case of an ecommerce who is starting, as we saw, the first objective should be to generate more traffic to the website. For this, ads on Facebook and Instagram are usually the most suitable. Through the generation of audiences we can find an audience that is interested in our products. These audiences can be the lookalike kind, that is, users similar to those who already interacted with your website or social networks.

Another good alternative is to run Google Shopping ads, where users search for and appear as a result an image of your product that will directly take them to the site of that particular product.

Google Search campaigns should not be underestimated but take, at this stage of your e-commerce, a secondary place. If the user does not know you, it has no way to search for you.

Remarketing campaigns are those that target the users who have already entered to your website, and the ones who have best results in terms of sales growth. This is because you show to potential customers, products that they have already been interested in. They are one step away from buying and we have to take them to that.

But, to be able to run these types of campaigns and have good results, you must first have a solid base of users who have interacted with your site, and that is why in the first instance, it is the best to focus on prospecting campaign. It is important to optimize the value per visitor.

In addition to social media campaigns, email remarketing or push notifications can be carried out to help the user complete the purchase process.

Customer service quality 

Most of clients decide whether or not to return to a store based on the attention received. Besides, it is well known that the first priority is pleasing the client. Hence, the first impression is extremely important. The ecommerce needs to have a beautiful and functional design that easily provides precise information about the products, models, stock, costs, shipping time, warranty period, and others. Besides, the website must be quick, with readable fonts and fast load. The site is by itself the first impression that clients will receive, so taking care of this aspect is very significant for customers. 

Clients feel more attracted to buy when they see some little gifts and incentives. This is not something hard to get. The ecommerce can stimulate their customers by making some special adjustments. One of these, for example, can be increasing the prices of the products but offering free delivery service. In addition, the store can offer some free extra articles after increasing the prices. This way, you provide attractive services to the clients without spending extra money.

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