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3 good practices to improve your Google Performance Max campaigns

12% is the average increase in conversion rates for the companies that update their Smart Shopping campaigns to Performance Max, according to initial tests performed by Google.

Performance Max campaigns are here to stay. It is a new kind of automated campaign based on objectives, which Google has launched in order to systematically replace Smart Shopping and Local campaigns. Through the use of Artificial Intelligence, they show responsive ads in the main networks: Search, Display, YouTube, Gmail and Discover.

Performance Max campaigns came to change the development of digital publicity. Designed to complement search campaigns focused on keywords, they generate more value through offers and automated orientations.

Adtomic has already started implementing them! Here we show you three good practices you will have to consider to make the most out of your high performance campaigns.

1. Offer as much resources as possible

If there is something that makes a campaign effective is having the necessary resources. It is very important that you generate groups of resources with as many assets as you can.

As Performance Max publishes ads in all of Google’s Media Inventory, it is important to have ads that can be adapted to all format options to generate strong participation and increase the conversion probability with the consumers. Remember, the better the quality and the higher the number of resources, the better results you will obtain.

This is a key point: if we grant Google the best resources we have, this will allow us to visualize more effectively its performance and thus keep the campaigns constantly optimized. This is possible thanks to a quality index of resources that will be useful to maximize the results and reach the desired performance.

Don’t forget that part of the success of your ads depends a lot on your creatives as well. After all, the images and videos you use are the ones that will attract the interest of your potential clients to your website and/or your products, giving information about your value proposition and allowing you to stand out among your competitors.

For this reason, to get optimal results, we recommend that you focus on offering unique content and on renewing creatives frequently. This is the most powerful tool to bolster efficiency and personalize campaigns for relevant audiences.

How to know when it is time to do it? Use the asset performance tag. If one of the resources is “low”, replace it with another one. With Performance Max, you will be able to obtain valuable statistics that will help you understand what creatives have more impact in the performance of your campaigns and, in this way, keep them optimized to increase the ROAS.

2. Do not run Shopping and Local campaigns together with Performance Max

After performing some tests, we have noticed that at the moment of activating Shopping or local campaigns together with the new Performance Max campaigns, Google grants full visibility to the latter, leaving your previous campaigns without circulation automatically.

In the case of Shopping, if you want to keep both types of campaigns active, in Adtomic we recommend that you don’t overlap them. In other words, they should show different products from your ecommerce so that both can perform well.

However, this is not ideal. We suggest that you fully migrate your campaigns to Performance Max, because Google will eventually disregard the others until they are completely eliminated from circulation.

3. Give some learning time to your new ads

Good results come for those who wait. Before rushing into making a decision, leave your Performance Max campaigns running for at least 4 to 6 weeks to analyze the results obtained and draw your own conclusions.

The automatic learning algorithm needs to adapt and have enough data to compare results. If it is the first time you are going to implement them, it is important that you leave them work to observe how they perform and thus be able to improve them and fully optimize your ads.

Bear in mind that Performance Max campaigns combine Google automation in the offers, the budget, the audience, creatives and attribution, taking into account your specific advertising goal, helping you not only to improve the development but also to generate more value in your ads, through real time optimization, in all of the channels.

With these 3 pieces of advice, you can dare to use one single campaign to reach many of Google’s platforms and thus attract more and better clients and increase your sales.

At Adtomic we can help you!

We are driven by curiosity. We are constantly alert and we are always investigating the best practices to keep developing our functionalities and keep our clients on the technological forefront, in a changing environment as is digital marketing.

Do not hesitate to establish a strategic partnership with us. Our team of professionals will always seek to reach the best results so that the growth of your ecommerce is limitless.

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