Some weeks ago, Google made available the purchase of DOOH (Digital out-of-home) advertising for all the users of Display & Video 360, so that they can reach people in the real world, with the efficiency of programmatic technology.
The technological development has marked a new way for companies to relate to people. Time has become essential, and mechanization and streamlining of processes has become a key requirement for success.
Heuristic analysis helps us realize how user experience can exponentially boost businesses in the long run.
Usability is a fundamental pillar in the performance of your digital strategies and thus. If its quality is improved, this becomes a key factor that can enhance the yield of your publicity investment.
12% is the average increase in conversion rates for the companies that update their Smart Shopping campaigns to Performance Max, according to initial tests performed by Google.
Planning is the first and foremost aspect to consider upon confirming your participation and starting to get ready for a sales event such as Hot Sale, Cyber, Black Friday or Buen Fin.

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