12% is the average increase in conversion rates for the companies that update their Smart Shopping campaigns to Performance Max, according to initial tests performed by Google.
Planning is the first and foremost aspect to consider upon confirming your participation and starting to get ready for a sales event such as Hot Sale, Cyber, Black Friday or Buen Fin.
After only six years since its creation, and with more than 1.2 billion active users each month and three billion downloads, TikTok has become the third biggest social network of the world, after Facebook and Instagram.
According to “Global Ecommerce Forecast 2022”, a report made by eMarketer|Insider Intelligence, it is expected that Latin American countries such as Mexico, Brasil and Argentina, will lead the list of 10 countries with greater e-commerce growth in 2022.
Achieving a great relationship with clients is the fundamental basis for any business. Understanding their wants and needs is essential to create the most impressive experiences and succeed.
When you are creating ads and content on your social networks, creativity is key: images and videos are what will make the clients become interested in your proposal and get to know your site.

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