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Keys for a successful e-commerce in high demand periods

Planning is the first and foremost aspect to consider upon confirming your participation and starting to get ready for a sales event such as Hot Sale, Cyber, Black Friday or Buen Fin.

The main goal is simple: to offer the clients the best purchase experience and to satisfy their needs so that they repeat the action in the near future. This, together with the development of a good engagement strategy, will allow you to build the loyalty of your public and attract new clients to, eventually, maximize the return of your investment (ROI).

Surely, you will find some of these terms familiar in times of events: average ticket, transactions (purchasing orders), conversion rates and promotions. But… How can you take action and succeed during this season of offers and discounts? planning, planning and planning. There is no magic recipe. It is only a matter of deeply analyzing your e-commerce and relying on an agile methodology for organization.

Let’s see some key points to achieve a good performance:

Marketing Strategy

Participation. Decide if you will take action before, during and/or after the event. This is very important because it will help you define a goal, know what discounts you will apply to your products, and what amount of the budget you will assign to each step during your digital marketing campaigns.

Analysis. Determine what metrics you will measure and how. Examine the results obtained in previous events. Consider the economic, political and social context of the country you are doing business in to set the aims of your actions, determine your investment and guarantee the commitment with your buyers.

Products. Although it might sound obvious, make sure you have enough stock to face the demand during the high season. Also, remember to check that the promotions you offer are attractive to your clients. Encourage them to make a fast decision with tempting offers! Offering free delivery, installments and real discounts work as a real hook to increase sales.

Moreover, it is important that you think of your next step after the purchase. Consider your product’s life cycle, what accessories you can add to its use, and thus impact again on those customers so that they make another purchase in the near future.

Target. Is your target consumer well-defined? Think how they are, what they need and what they like. Even if the first goal is always generating more conversions, developing loyalty-building strategies will be useful to get to know the users, and in turn, you can use this information for a better performance in the future.

Another interesting factor to take into account is your customer’s salary pay day. It is very useful and beneficial to study our audience to put more effort in the acquisition of a product when people have the money required to make the purchase.

Omnichannel. Keep contact with your clients through different channels (email, social networks, website, etc), following one same communication strategy, this means, transmitting a unified message to reach users in the indicated moment and impact them with your ads.

Additional tip: Consider communicating to your audience that you will participate on the event some weeks in advance, in order to generate expectation and make sure they visit your site again on that date.

According to Google, 62% of digital buyers plan their purchases some weeks in advance prior to great discounts. The consumer is more prepared and shows an anticipated interest and, for this reason, your site must be ready to receive potential buyers.

Furthermore, we suggest that you make an effort in generating personalized attention at all times. Current consumers give a lot of value to immediacy and comfort. They are pragmatic. For them, time is golden. There is an ever-growing emphasis on the word speed: for interactions, for social media, for product delivery, for internet purchases, and for obtaining information in real-time. They are seeking practical solutions with the least effort possible, for immediate satisfaction.

Creatives. Show captivating content. Get the attention of your users with relevant creatives. Mention discounts, offers and special prices; furthermore, highlight each event in particular and add distinctions so that users convert on your site (for instance: delivery on the same day or pick-up).

Remember to prepare all your creatives in various sizes so that they are perfectly displayed on each of your available sites.

Squared (1:1)
Rectangular (1,91:1)
Vertical (9:16)

User Experience (UX)

Make sure your website is working correctly and make all the necessary improvements with anticipation so that you can reach the event day 100% ready. Timely detect where are the places you need to improve in order to have better performance and optimal results.

Likewise, make sure the mobile version of your site is optimized. During the event dates, searches performed on mobile devices increase up to 50%.

It is important to revise your website’s operation, this means, making sure the loading speed is optimal, and that there is great transparency and user-friendliness. On the other hand, pay attention to the interface to provide clients not only the exact product they are looking for, but also an easy and intuitive process.

It can be very interesting to perform tests that assess the operation of the ecommerce and, thus, have evidence of your site’s control for a determined period of time. It is very important to know the behavior of our users and test and improve their interaction with our site to gain their confidence.

An essential point is to have a good sample group to test.

Important! Avoid testing new ideas and settings during high season periods, such as Christmas and the end of the year.

Firstly, we recommend that you identify the most popular products on your e-commerce site to know which ones are more sold and which ones less; which ones have better turnover and which ones have less turnover, throughout the year.

Next, select a period of time without distortions to measure your site.

Modify the banners and creatives of your site. Analyze it for a moment… How would your promotion be better reflected in the eyes of your potential clients? Is it better to show discount percentages or the final price after applying the offer?

Additional Tip: Implement retargeting strategies. Attract again the users that have already visited your website and/or that have saved products on the basket. Offering a discount coupon after a couple of days can work as a great hook for them to decide to buy a product.

On the other hand, you can also improve the interaction of the users when registering and sharing information with your brand.

At this point, we know about the importance of generating and completing your own database. Having long forms and requesting a lot of information is in the past.

To make sure the purchasing experience is not affected, you can try implementing forms with separated steps/phases that require little information to continue. This kind of registration, in general, increases the conversion rate, and will help you identify what section becomes difficult for the people, in what aspects you can improve your site and your web’s action modes. Take action to optimize your purchasing flow to the max!

Important! Do not overwhelm the user asking for a lot of information before the purchase. It can be highly detrimental, and it might mean less conversions for your online store.

The client should be the focus of attention. We all know that the purchasing experience is not finished upon payment of a product. Monitoring the whole process is essential. Keep your customer informed about the state of their purchase. See that the delivery time is respected, or you can even try to surprise them. You can also measure the queries and claims rate to rapidly detect improvement opportunities and make speedy corrections, needed in times of high demand.

You will see that making efforts to improve your site and offer a better experience to the purchaser will directly impact on a better return of investment (ROI) of your site during events seasons. It is a win-win situation.

At Adtomic we can help you on the development of a strong strategy to make sure your e-commerce site is ready in high-season periods. Our team is formed by a group of experts in digital marketing with great experience in sales events, that will guide you to power up your business. Do not hesitate to contact us to skyrocket your sales.

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