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Connect your business rapidly and manage your campaigns easily to make the most out of them.

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We use Artificial Intelligence to boost the results of your business.

Strategic Counseling

A team of professionals to build together tailor-made marketing strategies.

All in one platform

We integrate Facebook and Google Ads to gain time so that you can manage and analyze all your campaigns from one place.

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  • La anónima online
  • Tamarindo
  • Nutresa Capsules
  • Foot Loose

“Adtomic helped us generate an ongoing growth in our performance in Facebook, using the same investment and reducing our workload.”

Juan Pablo Ambrogetti
Head of Digital Marketing at La Anónima Online

Conversion Rate






“Adtomic has helped us to accelerate the growth of and to be more efficient with our investments in performance marketing.”

Rodrigo Díaz
Marketing manager at Tamarindo

Conversion Rate






“Adtomic has helped us take a leap in quality, maximizing our investment sustainably. The flexibility, guidance and agility has been key.”

Nicolas Osorio
Head of Digital Marketing at Nutresa Express Capsules







“Adtomic helped us optimize our campaigns to the maximum, reaching a 34,6 ROI in its best moment, and a conversion rate of 1,6%.”

Juan Diego La Rosa
E-commerce and Assisted Sales Coordinator at Foot Loose







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A team of marketing specialists available to provide personalized support and advice.

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On-the-spot support  to assess results and detect improvement opportunities.

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A community to learn about the experiences of other clients and boost your knowledge.

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