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Take your digital strategy to the next level

  • Automatic creation of dynamic ads with customized creatives, Collaborative ads, Branding ads and Lead ads on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Automatic creation of ads in Google Ads (Search, Shopping, Display, Discovery and Youtube)
  • Automatic Cross-channel optimization of your investment, through artificial intelligence.
  • Personalized attention with an account manager.
  • Weekly revision of your strategy with our digital marketing experts.
  • Custom automation in your campaigns according to your business.
  • Development of tailor-made technological solutions, focusing on your needs.


Integration service (tracking codes, catalogues, pixels)

Chat & Email support

Whatsapp support

Adtomic Academy, Community and Knowledge Base

Onboarding one-on-one meetings with our team of experts

Strategic revisions one-on-one meetings with our team of experts


Assigned account manager

Strategic planning for special events

Comprehensive quality assessment every three months

Custom marketing automation

Custom technological development

On Facebook and Instagram

Remarketing campaigns

Prospecting campaigns

Traffic campaigns

Collaborative ads campaigns

Branding ads campaigns

Lead ads campaigns

Dynamic ads (with a catalogue)

Smart budget optimization (AI)

Design change for dynamic ads


Custom audiences

Smart goals optimization (AI)


A/B testing & Conversion Lift

On Google

Google Search Campaigns

Google Smart Shopping Campaigns

Google Display Campaigns

Google Discovery Campaigns

YouTube ads Campaigns

Frequently Asked Questions

This will depend on the client’s objectives, the industry and the country. Our purpose is to provide personalized guidance about the specific growth possibilities.

It will depend on the type of campaigns running and on the investment. Generally speaking, our account can take between 10 days and a month to gather all the necessary information to complete the learning period.

This will depend on the ecommerce platform that you use. We have native integrations that allow you to accelerate processes. If there are no inconvenients, this process could last around 10 business days.

We don’t have a minimum term contract. You can cancel your subscription at any time! However, we suggest running your ads with us for at least three months to assess the results of the platform.

Adtomic uses Facebook and Google’s features, but it adds a layer of technological development and Artificial Intelligence. For instance, we work with a cross-channel budget optimizer which distributes the investment automatically, always seeking the highest yield.

In order to run our campaigns, it is necessary to have a product feed on your ecommerce which can be updated on an hourly basis, and the implementation of Facebook  pixel and google tags. Apart from this, we will need access to some Facebook assets. You will have a business call in which we will indicate everything we need, step by step!

Adtomic automatically runs dynamic ads for Facebook and Instagram. However, it is essential to complement those ads with some custom creatives. The client is in charge of developing those creatives.


Our clients create the ads from our platform. Creating an ad is super simple! When you create an ad, it will be automatically replicated in Facebook and Instagram, and for all the relevant audiences in the client’s site.

You can directly contact one of our account managers, who will perform a personalized monitoring of the strategy and the growth possibilities.

Contact through email is unlimited. Each plan has a monthly or weekly assessment session.

We also have a chat or email support service that will answer all the queries related to the operation of the platform.

Adtomic obtains the metrics from Facebook Ads and Google Ads with its standard attribution models. However, this can be personalized taking into account our clients’ goals.

Our service does not include community management, and it focuses on the investment in Facebook/Instagram and Google ads campaigns. Apart from campaigns focused on sales, we can also run campaigns taking into account branding and traffic goals. It is a service which complements and works together with a community management strategy.

We do not work with email marketing. Our service is focused on the investment in Facebook/Instagram and Google ads campaigns. It is a service which complements and works together with an email marketing strategy.

This depends on the goal of each client and on the strategy developed with Adtomic. You can turn off your campaigns or keep other campaigns running, even if the goals are different to the ones set with Adtomic.

The bills are paid one month in arrears. This means that payment will be made at the end of the month in which the services were rendered.

You can pay through wire transfer or through the app mercadopago if your ecommerce is from Argentina. If your ecommerce is from another country, you can pay through wire transfer or paypal.

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