How it works

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Connect and onboard

Built for Shopify and Shopify Plus, our platform uses your data to determine the best full-funnel marketing strategy for your brand.

Full transparency in your Facebook Ad Account. Adtomic ads run inside your own Ads Manager, which means you have full access to the campaigns at all times.

A quick call with an Onboarding Specialist to have a deep understanding of your goals will help you achieve success. You can start running Facebook A/B Test With A Holdout or 100% of your ads through Adtomic.

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Strategy definition and implementation

Based on your site and social media data, the size of audiences and your budget, our AI-based algorithms will define the best full-funnel strategy for your brand.

Through our Facebook’s Marketing API integration, multiple campaigns and ads will be created in your Facebook Ad Account.

Personalized banners for all your products will be automatically generated, and updated if there is a change to your site.

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Simple 24/7 reporting and ads customization

View your results in Adtomic’s dashboard. The information shown will be sourced from Facebook Account Manager and/or Google Analytics.

Customize your dynamic ads and generate new ones with your own content in all Facebook & Instagram formats.

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Enjoy your ride

Enjoy the power of AI to simplify your life. Improve results and reduce your operative workload to focus on strategic decisions.

Our Customer Success Team will be focused in guiding you to improve your results, solve your issues and make your life simpler.